Updated Edition of bestseller I Hate Witnessing by Dick Innes
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I Hate Witnessing by Dick Innes

This best seller by Dick Innes, with the tongue-in-cheek title, has more than 100,000 copies in print. While it is written primarily to show how to be more effective communicators of the gospel, its principles apply equally to effectively communicate any message.

Many witnessing programs are designed for people who have the gift of personal evangelism. for those of us who don't have this gift, these programs are like putting David into Saul's armor. They don't fit and thay don't work for us. Then we feel a failure at witnessing and stop doing it.

I Hate Witnessing suggests that you discard "Saul's armor" if it doesn't fit and use the gifts God has given you. This way you can learn how to effectively communicate the Christian message in a non-threatening and non-offensive way. It also shows how to be "as Christ" to people gives workable advice for opening closed minds, and shows how evangelism is a process and not just a single event. It has been used in many colleges as a text book and/or for supplemental reading in courses on evangelism, and in many churches for training in evangelism

Enthusiasm for I HATE WITNESSING:

"The book that perhaps 95 percent of the Christian community has been waiting for is finally here." – The Chimes, Biola University.

"I've just finished reading I Hate Witnessing and have to say that it is the best thing I've ever read on communicating the gospel." – Pastor Ernie Cox, Ontario, Canada

"Your book, I hate Witnessing, was great. The most genuine thing on personal evangelism in printed form." – Pastor Sol Hicks, Albany, Georgia

Dick Innes is founder and director of ACTS International whose purpose is to help the church bridge the gap to the non-church community. He is also author of How to Mend a Broken Heart and You Can't Fly with a Broken Wing, and over 200 outreach brochures, 40 million of which have been distributed in several countries. Innes has 27 web sites for ACTS and has almost 400,000+ Daily and Weekend Encounter worldwide e-mail subscribers. Born in Australia, he has made California his home since 1981.

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